Putting together a catered event is no easy feat. It requires a lot of work, organisation and skill. If you’re in the catering business, there are always new things you can learn or adopt to make your business run more effectively. And if you’re looking for tips, it’s always a good idea to learn from the best.

The following catering and events blogs are the perfect resources for anyone looking to elevate how their catering business performs.

Below are some of the best event expert websites and blogs that we thought you should know about.

Special Events is associated with a leading specialist magazine focused on the special events industry in North America. It covers everything from news, feature reports and opinions pieces, on topics ranging from catering, décor, entertainment, event tools, event types and updates from the International Live Events Association (ILEA).

Special Events aims to champion and showcase the industry’s best work. Photo galleries with images from some of the best events in North America provide inspiration to both established and upcoming businesses.

Have a browse through a number of articles that require registered access (which is free to do). You’ll find tips and information that may help you take your business to the next level! There is also a comprehensive jobs board for people looking to make a move in the industry.

Special Events

BizBash is another US-focused website that deserves more than a second glance.

BizBash focuses specifically on catering, and offers advice on how to improve food presentation and how to best cater to specific types of events. It’s information is incredibly useful and inspirational for those committed to the industry. Be sure to check out the Catering Ideas section and get creative at your next event!

Most of the information communicated in the Catering Ideas section is structured as listicles, which is great for anyone looking from useful information but not wanting to spend hours reading through dense information. The information is practical, and easily tailored to suit any event you might be catering.


Meetings & Conventions is a superb website for anyone looking for industry opinion, resources and news. In addition to industry blogs written by subject matter experts, you’ll find in-depth insights and opinions on everything you can think of. Practical How-To-Guides ensure your meeting or convention can be easily planned, simply by following guidelines.

This website tries to offer a truly global service – the articles are typically relevant to a multitude of geographical locations, and its “International Focus” articles highlight the strengths and weaknesses of various regions when planning for events.

But the stand out factor on M&C are its personalised blog articles. Read the opinions and thoughts of various industry professionals on topics close to their heart.

M & C

Don’t get turned off the Exhibitor sales pitch approach - read in between the lines and find many hidden gems. It’s associated with Exhibitor Magazine, and so is full of up-to-date, relevant information and research completed by the magazine.

Exhibitor’s information is very high quality. As the name of the magazine suggests, this publication is all about helping conference producers create special events, and it does so through a media focused approach that includes educational resources, worksheets and other useful resources.

Topics covered here include everything from measuring and budgeting, resources for rookies and marketing and promotion. Young professionals looking to improve certain aspects of their career will find that Exhibitor Online is a very good first point of call.


Smart Meetings is a news and feature-based media outlet that focuses closely on the travel and hospitality industry (specifically on professional conferences and events). It also accompanies a physical magazine, and many of the articles that appear on the site look at latest industry trends, corporate event planning, emerging technology and personality profiles.

Most of the information here is relevant irrespective of geographical locale, but a big component of this website’s business is its leadership events which all take place in North America. However these events often generate editorial content, which allows readers to gain useful insights from events without even being present.

The “tips and tools” section features useful advice to employees. Strategies on how to avoid burnout, how to motivate employees, and how to effectively engage with your target community before the event itself are incredibly insightful. These bits of advice are highly actionable and should be essential reading for anyone in the industry.

Smart Meetings

This UK-based online publication does one thing particularly well - check out its Event TV Section for an incredible number of videos highlighting innovative and creative examples of successful events.

These videos are a strong visual guide for those looking to know what works and what’s most engaging at events, and are a useful educational tool for anyone looking to organise a killer event.

But, more importantly, they are inspirational in nature, making Event Magazine’s website a superb resource to go to when you need to get creative. This is a strong focus of the website, which includes a second section titled “inspire me” focused exclusively on generating yet more ideas to excite creative events managers.


As the name of this website suggests, Successful Meetings positions itself as a resource for useful information across a wide range of topics relevant to the world of events. Some of these guides are forward-facing (“Working With DMOs”), while others are there to help you get your business off the ground (“How to Get a Business Loan, Fast”).

The website also publishes industry research which can be really useful for an event manager is keen on understanding what the hot topics and concerns are at the moment. The research is primarily focused on the US market, but nonetheless some of the data, trends and opinions translate globally.

Successful Meetings it’s beneficial for people that are busy and time-poor - its articles aim to be as informative as possible in a short space of content.

Successful Meetings

The information on this blog is of immense value to event managers. The site itself is split into three, clean categories: Education, Inspiration, Innovation. Within each of those sections is quick and easy, but still informative, articles of relevance to the events industry.

Using a listicle approach, this blog's content offers easy to digest points for any industry professional. This event management blog aims to provide actionable insights and give readers plenty to ponder over.

What makes the website standout is its webinars, which it regularly hosts to give audiences live information on important topics. To make sure you don’t miss out on any new information there’s a simple email signup process, and the webinars are permanently hosted by the site.

Event MB

Event Marketer is very specifically focused on marketing - which is great, because it’s one thing you really need to get right when hosting a successful event. On this website you’ll find useful guides on how to execute a successful social media campaign and information on how to effectively leverage technology before, during and after events.

Check out its impressive case studies highlighting marketing best practices. You can claim that HBO ran an effective Game of Thrones advertising campaign, but truly valuable information explains how it was actually achieved.

These case studies aren’t lengthy, but structured in a way that deliver enlightening information to suit the busy lives of industry professionals. As such, the articles on the website tend to be short and to the point, without being too weighty.

Event Marketer

Jays Catering is the first point of call for anyone needing to cater an event.Catering is an important essential of the successful modern event, and when done right can transform any occasion into something truly memorable.

This blog demonstrates that regardless of the type of event – whether people are standing or seated, rushed or laidback - there are enticing menu options and plans to suit.

Jays Catering aims to be both informative and inspirational, providing event professionals with the introductory information they need to start planning their catering approach, while also providing inspirational ideas that can really set the tone for a successful event.

Jays Catering

Catering Magazine is an Arizona-based leading trade publication for food service and event professionals. It runs an active and topical blog with articles about the latest news and trends in the catering space, along with case studies and articles covering topics such as presentation, design and menus.

A rich resource for operators in the catering and food service world, the Catering Magazine blog keeps you up to date with topics such as the latest hot products in catering, major exhibitions (in the US), examples of sustainability practices, and how-to style articles, such as how to outfit your kitchen.

Other topics include wedding trends, boosting business through off-premise operations and catering uniforms. With such a range of topics, this blog could help you discover a range of ideas that could improve all areas of your operation. You can also access its quarterly magazine in full though its core website.

Catering Magazine

Restaurant & Catering Magazine is operated by Restaurant & Catering Australia, a 35,000-member-strong industry association. This site offers a comprehensive blog that covers just about all aspects of catering and restaurant operations. Readers can view blog posts by categories such as general news, new products, product guides, ‘what I’ve learnt’ case studies, technology, marketing, and more. Stay up-to-date with information covering a variety of topics including kitchen equipment, signage, uniforms, food, and much more.

Other topics include the business aspects of running a catering business, such as using technology, marketing, management, and significant innovators. For example, in the innovators category you can find articles on ensuring your POS is efficient, technology tools for catering businesses, and find out about new refrigeration systems. Readers can also find out the latest news and trends about topics such as drinks, dessert, coffee, oils, and stocks and sauces. The design articles will give you plenty of tips on the finer details of decorating venues, and the management articles provide insights on everything from dealing with unused food to strategising for your business.

Restaurant & Catering

Essentially Catering Magazine is a UK-based print and online publication with an extensive selection of articles and resources on its website. The blog and site resources are completely free to access, and readers can download and view the online version of the print magazine or view old articles by accessing the articles archive. For those looking for some inspiration for recipes and food ideas, there’s a comprehensive catering recipes section.

Essentially Catering Magazine also provides a catering news section, which includes news about catering events and festivals, new and emerging trends in the catering industry, special promotions by industry players, and other topical news and information relevant to the catering industry. Find information on all facets of catering, ranging from offering gluten-free food, new ideas for Christmas, saving energy as a catering operation, and research on popular beverages. In all, Essentially Catering Magazine is a great general resource for catering businesses looking for news, inspiration and ideas.

Essentially Catering

UK-based catering and hospitality portal The Caterer offers an extensive range of content and articles for readers. The website offers free articles covering the latest news and developments in the UK and around the globe, as well as articles on topics relevant to chefs such as recipes, food trends and chef profiles. You can also find articles organised by categories such as food and drink, recipes, and what’s in season. The site also provides a culinary dictionary.

You can find case studies and news on various openings and operations around the world. The website comes with a jobs section for those seeking employment opportunities, and there’s also a property section focused on hotel, restaurant, and venue news - complete with a property search option for restaurateurs.

The site’s business section offers free articles that focus on catering and restaurant operations from a strategy and business perspective, including trends, data, analysis and comments.

The Caterer

UK-based BigHospitality is an online portal filled with articles for those in the hospitality and catering industries. You can view the latest in news by clicking on categories such as business, venues, events and awards, trends, and reports. There are also profiles on key industry players, product reviews for hospitality industry operators, and expert advice articles by industry experts that focus on career progression strategies and business management.

The portal offers free articles on key industry trends, as well as great videos on topical matters such as major events, recipes, and other matters of interest. Worth checking out are the 60-second skill videos that are designed to help you master a special culinary skill (such as making a latte or pizza dough) in just 60 seconds.

This fully featured site also comes with an interview section from which you can learn from the experiences of other hospitality businesses, high-profile managers and key personnel, and get some useful tips on becoming a success in the industry.


The online portal of the bi-monthly printed magazine with the same name, Take Stock offers readers articles on an array of topics in the catering space. Target readers include chefs, buyers and operators in the catering and hospitality space. The website features a general news section where you can find updates and news on the latest developments in the industry.

There is also a ‘What’s New’ section dedicated to technological innovations, new products available, and other catering innovations to inspire you to improve your business processes. For chefs there’s a dedicated recipes and ideas section that outlines some food and recipe ideas, complete with recipes available. The Take Stock section offers a range of articles on featured topics, and these range from major trends to seasonal matters that could impact your business, as well as food and drink trends to keep ahead of. In all, the Take Stock portal is another great resource to keep bookmarked in your browser.

Take Stock

Street food has taken the world by storm, and there’s now a magazine dedicated to the subject. The news and blog sections feature an array of topical news stories and in-depth articles that range from industry news, business ideas, safety, gadgets and technology, food ideas and recipes, and more. There’s also a trader’s directory, news on events, and resources such as archived newsletters. On the website you can also find profiles of successful food trucks, great apps for street food operations, useful equipment for operators, and market street food trends.

The website is worth exploring for its insights on the latest street food trends, even if you do not specialise in the street food business. The recipes and articles can inspire new ideas or allow you to keep ahead of what customers might be looking for in their event catering services – which could well include popular street food recipes.

Street Food

Monthly magazine Cost Sector Catering has an extensive blog filled with insightful articles for caterers, owners and managers in the hospitality industry. Topics covered include all aspects of the catering and food service process, including public sector catering for venues such as hospitals, nursing homes and schools. The blog is frequently updated with news, developments, and insights on trends in the industry, and readers can find out about new products, possible service partners, and major contract wins and tenders in the industry.

The articles are divided into categories and subcategories; for example, you can view the news section generally or by subtopics such as business and industry, care catering, contractors, and education. The In Depth section includes interviews, research and insight, and comments and opinions by experts in the field. There’s also a product section with ideas for drinks, food, and equipment.

Cost Sector

Reading widely across the industry allows you to stay ahead of trends, and so while Catering Insight is focused predominantly on the industry equipment, catering operations will most likely find this comprehensive blog useful and topical. The articles are organised into various sections, including a general news which covers business news, job appointments, legal developments, and other relevant topics. There’s also job vacancies and research sections focused on industry statistics and quantitative research.

You’ll also find case studies, analysis, surveys, interviews, and special reports on major issues such as economic trends and compliance requirements. The site’s opinion section contains the editor’s op-eds and industry expert opinions, while the people section covers news and appointments by categories such as manufacturer, distributors, chefs, and consultants. As such, Catering Insight is a detailed and comprehensive resource for catering operations that are looking to better understand the equipment side of their industry.

Catering Insight

Hospitality and Catering News is a digital portal with thousands of pages of resources for those in the catering industry. The free articles provided focus on the latest news stories in restaurant, hotel, pub and bar, and contract catering segments. The blog also covers café and coffee news, and provides a dedicated section for chefs which includes free recipes, chef profiles, new high-profile appointments, and other chef-related news.

Readers can expect to read about key industry developments such as regulatory changes, major events, notable achievements, and major contracts. You can also find out about new equipment and supplies, such as mergers in the supplier sector, changing demands and trends, as well as equipment and gadgets. New venue openings, profiles, and human interest stories are also featured in this blog. In all, Hospitality and Catering News is a useful resource to check in with if you run or own a catering operation.

Hospitality & Catering News

A popular networking website for chefs, The Staff Canteen offers numerous free articles on a range of topics relevant to chefs and others in the catering industry. There’s an extensive recipe section with novel and artisan recipes to give you plenty of inspiration for new menu ideas, including seasonal ideas, working with unusual ingredients, and dishes for special occasions.

The site also has a features section with the latest news, developments, openings, and trends in the industry. For example, you can find out about new chef awards, find out about useful apps, read the profiles of notable chefs, and discover new or innovative ingredients and how to work with them.

The blog also features practical, actionable articles on cooking and food preparation with tips that you can apply. And of course, you can signup and login to connect with others working in the industry, as it’s predominantly a networking site.

The Staff Canteen

Educatering Magazine is a free print and digital magazine that you can access in full on its portal. Targeted at a readership of caterers and catering operations servicing the educational sector, the magazine covers all aspects of business, food and operations for those in the catering operations. The website offers hundreds of topical news stories about the industry. Subject areas covered include general news and announcements, regulatory changes and compliance guidelines, food trends, awards and recognition in the industry, and practical, actionable tips.

You can find full recipes for consumers of all ages and especially children, in-depth articles about topical issues such as financing food in schools, as well as interviews and profiles. Readers can gain insight about catering issues and challenges found specifically in the educational sector, and how they can impact business strategy and day-to-day operations. Issues such as sustainability and good health also feature strongly in the magazine and the blog.


If you’re a caterer operating in the ‘grab and go’ space, Lunch Business is a great blog to follow. Targeting a readership that operates food to go, this blog is read by cafés, catering operations and other establishments that provide food - fast. The portal includes a bi-monthly magazine and topical articles organised in categories such as news, products, diary (for events), and features. In the news section you can find out about major expansions, acquisitions, openings and other industry news, along with general trends and regulatory changes.

The features section offers in-depth articles including commentary, analysis, interviews and research. For the latest in gadgets and equipment, check out the products section and its subsections covering drinks, food and general equipment. The diary section will keep you up to date about the latest events such as awards, competitions, seminars and festivals. For operators in this particular niche, Lunch Business is a great free resource to keep bookmarked.

Lunch Business

For a general, practical blog covering just about everything in the catering industry, consider following the catering section of the Enlighten Me blog. This general information portal offers readers hundreds of free articles covering everything from choosing the best catering venue to understanding specific types of catering such as servicing vegetarians, working outdoors, and organising a buffet.

You can also find useful tips on concerns such as what to consider when it designing banquet, lunch, and business office catering menus. This blog has articles dedicated to just about any type of catering, and suggests a multitude of different ideas for getting everything just right. While some of the articles are directed towards those sourcing a caterer, they can give catering operations some context and inspiration for planning menus, marketing their catering operations, and understanding what customers are looking for in a catering operation.

Enlighten Me

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