How Email Marketing Can Grow Your Business

There’s no doubt about it, social media is seen as the holy grail of customer interaction and engagement in today’s marketing landscape. But, in the never-ending effort to stay connected via social networks, many companies are overlooking one crucial element of any online sales strategy – the power of email marketing.

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5 Technology Tips for Streamlining Your Catering Operations

In the nine years that I’ve been implementing technology into catering companies, I’ve seen a clear trend in the way caterers work and grow. What I love most is seeing a passion for creating amazing food that so many of our customers have – however so many caterers run into the same pitfalls when it […]

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Your Guide to Using Cloud-Based Software – How Can it Transform Your Business?

The business of catering revolves around customer service. From the point you take a catering order, to working through the various amendments, through to delivering or hosting an event – you are on the frontline of customer service at every step. Customers will judge you on the quality, efficiency and friendliness of your service, plus […]

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